1.2: System One and Two | Consumers are irrational

The vast majority of our decisions are made by the fast automatic system one.

This system relies on shortcuts and heuristics. More often than not, our brains want to find the fastest, simplest way to make a decision.

This need for speed has its downsides, we tend to make fairly irrational decisions when relying on these shortcuts. In this lesson you'll learn:

💊Why red painkillers are more effective

🍞How understanding system one led to a 4x increase in margarine sales

📈And how marketers use these findings to improve their work

That's it for this lesson, don't forget to download the Nudge Cheat Sheet below. It's a condensed list of all the core principles we've covered so far. Use it to commit some of this info to memory, or to refer back to at a later date.

Nudge Cheat Sheet 1. System One:Two.pdf
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