1.1: System One and Two | How you make decisions

It's Saturday morning. You're dropping your kids at your in-laws for some well earned time alone with your partner.

You're running a bit late so you quickly dress, grab some breakfast and get the kids in the car.

As you drive your mind starts to wonder. 'Am I really in the right career?'. 'Did I leave the oven on?'. 🤔

You stop daydreaming and realize you haven't driven to your in-laws home and instead have parked outside your office.

You wonder how on earth you drove the wrong way for 15 minutes without even realizing it.

The fast and slow brain

In this lesson we'll cover the basic framework behind how brains make decisions, covering the two main systems we use. The slow, energy intensive system two that helps us make major decisions, and the fast, automatic system one that can leave you automatically driving to work without thinking.

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